Tuesday, 17 March 2009

I am still about, just being quiet!

Life is still the same but a bit duller!

Him indoors want to be in bed by 7pm every night to watch the soaps, the boys are eating me into bankruptcy, work is still ok.

I am convinced that this will be the year I manage to be strong enough to break free from him indoors.

I dont like him anymore, I definately dont love him, I just cant afford to keep a roof over our heads without him. I am seriously considering a cardboard box lol!

I keep hoping he will leave us, but he seems to be digging his heels in, and insists he wants us to move out! Cheeky, alcoholic little twat!

I am going to ask at work tomorrow about the accommodation there, fingers crossed they will have something cheap enough and big enough for the 3 of us.

The only thing is with the downturn in the market, I dont think we have made anything out of the house, so do I make him sell up so he has got the up heaval as well as I lived here before he did, or is that petty and should I just let him carry on living here while we slum it? We have a joint mortgage that is on interest only so we havent actually paid anything off the capital.

He has now got over £7k in premium bonds which he never had when he moved in, he has never been so well off or so well looked after. He has now gone off on the sick with painful knees but managed to walk all the way to the pub and back today to get pissed. Happy mothers day to me x


auntiegwen said...

Sending you the love.

Get some legal advice before you go anywhere, most solicitors will give you the first 30 mins free on legal aid but don't move out till you've been advised.


FOXY1969 said...

Thanks auntie,
done that but does not look good. They are not his children so I cant keep the house and we are only entitled to have back what we put in, so legally I am screwed. Never mind, you live and learn xxx