Saturday, 25 October 2008

A Dog's Life!

It's Saturday morning, and I am still in my pyjama's.

I have done some ironing, changed my bed linen, ordered some shoes and a jumper online.

I have scoffed a large bowl of cocoa pops with sugar, yum!

Hung some washing out and put on another load.

And, wrapped 3 christmas presents!

How good am I?

I am bored now and really dont want to drag the vacuum upstairs but know I really NEED to!

I have bought 2 fluffy rugs for beside the bed and they are moulting like hell.

So with a dark wooden floor it is making the bedroom look dusty and unkept.

Oh well needs must!

Him indoors is talking about going to look for a new bed as ours is only a double and he wants a kingsize! Visions of fantastic romps may be going through your mind? But please be assured it is only because he thinks the dog does not have enough room when he lays between us!

I sugessted the cheaper option of making the dog sleep downstairs in his OWN bed, but that was met with a frosty stare and was told maybe I should sleep in the dog's bed then Sid would have more room and that would also cost nothing!

Cheeky Twat!

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Another Bollocking!

Can you believe it!
I went to work yesterday and was only supposed to work til 1pm, but like the previous day when I turned up they asked me if I could stay til 5pm.
The previous day I agreed as long as I could definately leave at 5pm as I had college at 6pm and needed to pop home for a shower. I managed to leave work at 5.20pm!
Yesterday I told them I could only stay til 3.30pm as I had promised to visit Grandad (85) to play cards and as I had let him down on the Wednesday I really needed to get my arse round there to see him.

I left work at 3.32pm, got stuck in school traffic trying to get home to pick up Liam from home and let the dogs out.
Liam was no where to be seen so I rang Grandad only to find out he had come home and thought he had missed me so biked to his Grandads.
I jumped back in the car and got to Grandad's 10 minutes late for our 2 hour poker game!

We leave Grandads at 6.10pm and call into Tesco for something for dinner, and we get home at 6.45pm.

I made everyones dinner and watched some TV, then at 9pm we went to bed, lovely. Nope not quite!
Him indoors then starts yapping at me because I hadn't made the bloody bed! I didnt make it as I was only meant to be working til 1pm and had planned on changing bed linen.
It then carries on yapping how I am letting the housework go downhill, blah, blah bloody blah!

Now I know he works very hard at his job, then comes home and carries on working hard improving our home and garden, but please please GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK!!!!
Miserable Twat!

Monday, 13 October 2008

Just A Thought!

Why is everyone else's life so much more interesting than mine?
I sit here reading different people's blogs from all over the world and I look at my own dull life and wonder what it's all about!

Then a thought comes to me (yeah, just the one!), and I realise how lucky I am.

I have 2 gorgeous boys, a nice home, a nice little car, an ex-husband I get on with, a job I enjoy, a partner who is hard working and faithful, 3 lovely little dogs, a big 42'' TV, a lovely garden, lots of good family and friends, (ok I put the TV before them but it wasn't intentional), my health, and the ability to laugh even when the going aint so good. Oh yeah and Sky plus!

I have never suffered any real tradgedy in my life apart from losing my Nan unexpectedly, but even then she was 81!
No real major health issues, well none that a few anti-depressants cant keep at bay!

So today I am going to be grateful for everything I am and everything I have as I know there is so many people out there suffering one way or another, and I have so much to be grateful for.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Decisions Decisions?

Well here I am!

Feeling quite even and tolerating life reasonably well.

Work is going really well and I am currently being 'head hunted' by the orthopedic o/p department (that's fracture clinic to you mere mortals!)

I have done a few 'bank' shifts on there in the last few weeks and they are really impressed with my performance and have asked me to apply for the permanent job that is coming up on there.

I feel very flattered but not sure if to commit myself again.

I know it is a totally different job to the one on MAU, and it is only monday to friday, 9 to 5 with no working on bank holidays including christmas day and boxing day, but still I feel a voice within saying not to jump in!

The only trouble is if I don't go for it and someone else gets it then there will be very little work on there and I do really enjoy it.

And it is for only 24 hours per week over 3 days!

Oh what to do?