Thursday, 31 January 2008


Well well well, him indoors may have been in a good mood the night before last but the little runt certainly made up for it last night!!
OMG, I still am having trouble understanding what happened exactly, so I will just tell it how it was.
He came in from work and he seemed ok, I was on my laptop at kitchen table , I asked him if he wanted a drink, all good so far.
He said he didnt want his dinner just yet as he was going to do some more work in the bathroom, I begged him to take a night off as he is over-doing it, and he must be tired. But no way would he!

So I decided to do his paperwork for him, he is foreman at work and also very dislexic, I had previously asked him to jot down what he wanted me to write and the day at the top of each page, so when I opened his folder to find several pieces of paper with his daily job descriptions on I was a trifle confused as there were 2 'tusdays' , 1 wed, 2 days with no date and he had not even done thursdays, I asked him which were the ones that mattered, it was obvious he had some in folder left over from last week but I wasnt sure which.
So while he was standing beside me trying to work out which was which, I slid my hand in his overall pocket and groped his willy, (well I hadnt seen him all day!).
He started to get irrate with me because I couldnt understand one of the sentances he had written, and he started to raise his voice, I dont pretend to write perfect english but I do know if something dont sound right!

So in the end I got pissed off and said I was only trying to help him, and I certainly dont enjoy doing his paperwork, so in future he can do the fu**er himself that way I cant get wrong!

He then stormed off to his shed, taking his tobacco with him (he had given up), I yelled after him that once he had had his nicotine fix maybe he would be civil to me! - no response!

He stayed up there for ages, probably smoking his brains out, so I made my dinner and let him get on with it.

A bit later on he came down stairs in his dressing gown after having his bath and I put a lovely chicken stir-fry in front of him, I had marinated the chicken all day!, if he had a couple of mouthfuls he would have been lucky, then pushed the plate away. I asked him what was wrong with it and he said 'nothing'.
I asked him why he was so nasty to me and was told that I had stressed him out while he had measurements from the bathroom in his head, and touched his willy (how dare I) and stressed him even more. He didnt want a cigarette but I drove him to it!! WTF????

He then cleared off to bed in a mood and hasnt spoke to me since!

This morning, I came down after he had left for work and surprise surprise he has took his tobacco with him! Retard.

I feel so pissed off with him that he is using me as an excuse to start smoking again. I never asked him to quit after all!

Twice this morning I have been in tears mainly frustration I think and I really dont know how to handle this crap relationship we are in.
I do everything for him (short of wiping his arse) as he works hard, but feel so unhappy.

Nevermind, there are worse people in the world than me, one day I will find the courage to leave him (and the money)!

But until then I will just have to take to having a moan about it on here!

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Another day in paradise!!

Well today was another dull day! I stayed home all morning sorting laundry and sweeping the stairs, hoovering, washing etc (well I said it was dull). I went to work to do an outpatient clinic for a new consultant that has recently joined our hospital.
I normally stay in the clinic room when I do these clinics and they are fantastic cos I learn so much but today the doctor wanted to be left on his own with the patients, I think I made him feel nervous or self conscious or something. So I was totally bored and as it was originally my day off I was not happy. How does he think I will be able to diagnose the patients on Holby City and Casualty, for gods sake!!

Nevermind I have got a really good bottle of chardonnay to help drown my sorrows!!

Him indoors came home in a good mood tonight (not sure why!) should I be worried?
Well he was pissed off with me cos we had friends round last night and we were quite chilled and having a laugh, I was in my nightie and pink fluffy dressing gown when they turned up (unexpectedly) I got up to get some more drinks and flashed my derriere, ok not that classy ok, but they found it funny.
Once they had gone home he really ripped into me, WTF!!! I sunbathe infront of these same friends topless, not sure what his problem was, but he cleared off to bed in a huff!

Oh well I am now off to watch all the soaps I recorded on skyplus last night and dish up his dinner.

Hopefully no arguments tonight but dont hold your breath!!!