Sunday, 30 November 2008

Sunday Bloody Sunday!

I am totally pissed off today.
I went to Aldi to get some fresh veg for lunch and spent £76, I wouldn't mind but I spent £101 in Morrisons on Thursday and £46 in M & S on Wednesday!
Where does all the food go to?
Him indoors is swinging from being really loving to being mr nasty grunt futtock!
Oldest son is in a mood cos I didn't plate him up a sunday roast, well he had been with his Dad all day and I assumed he would be fed! Silly me!
Youngest son is turning his bedroom upside down looking for his bank card! (for at least an hour now).
Star wars is on the TV in the lounge, Disney channel is on in the play room, X box is on upstairs, and the dogs wanna go out but it is cold and pissing down.

Me and Sunday's just don't get along!

Friday, 28 November 2008

Better Than Corrie?

I have had a strange few things happen since I was last here.
On Monday we all trotted off to Bob's funeral. It was a nice dignified event and I cried so much that my eyes were still bloodshot and puffy 3 days later!

At the wake which was held at the bowls club, the place was packed to capacity, and because we had gone to the cemetry for the burial, we were somewhat behind in the drinking lots of alcohol stakes!

While Marcus waited at the bar to be served, Scary Mary ( marcus' ex wife) came up to me, now normally she hates my guts, and finds any opportunity to piss me off and she usually succeeds with flying colours! she says to me it's about time we became friends and she is sorry for all the hateful, and spiteful and downright nasty things she has said and done over the last 4 years.

I accepted her apology she the hugged me (?) at which point Marcus returned from the bar with our drinks.
As the afternoon turned to evening and everyone was nicely trollied, Scary Mary was all over my man! Saying loudly to him 'go on then tell me you dont still love me!' which she repeated over and over.
Silly cow.
I gained some sympathetic looks from other people so I just rolled my eyes and downed my chardonnay.

She continued to be all over him and I found myself chatting to someone I had known from the pub.
Marcus at one stage started to cry and asking for Bobby back, so unable to console him, Mary then went to his rescue!

I took this as my cue to leave and the chap I had been chatting to said he would walk me home.
We started out the door and only managed a few steps when Scary came running out asking me to do something about Marcus, I said I was going home so she chips in that he had asked her if they could get back together!
I told her to fill her fucking boots as I had had enough for one day, so I trotted off into the night hand in hand with a nice man who wanted to look after me!

I asked the nice man on the way home if he had ever had an affair, as he has been happily married for quite sometime. He said he hadn't so I asked him if he fancied having one, he smiled and said he could be persuaded! So we stopped for a nice snog in the park, under the stars and I felt I had not a care in the world!

What a bitch I am. Now I feel awful that I wanted to lead that poor guy astray. We got to my gate and I kissed him gently on the lips and thanked him for making me feel better.

Marcus came stumbling home just over an hour later, shouting the odds at me, I just told him to shut the fuck up and sleep, he then passed out in all his clothes and drooled on the pillow, yeuw!

The next day I gets a text from scary's best mate asking what had happened at the wake as Scary was covered in bruises, she was in a right state and threatening to call the police.

Marcus says she fell over, Scary think marcus hit her! Oh for fucks sake!

I don't think Marcus was capable of hitting anyone, he could hardly stand, let alone hit out!
I sometimes wonder what on earth I have got myself involved with!

Then yesterday I saw Scary in town and asked her if she was ok, and apparently, her and Marcus had gone outside for a ciggie at the wake, when according to her, he asks her for sex and starts grabbing her boobs (not really his style), she then thinks as she is trying to escape his grasp she falls and bangs her head on the concrete! (shame).
She tells me the police want to press charges but she doesnt want to upset him any further as his best friend just died, and it weren't fair on his girlfriend!

I say pull the other one you stupid bitch, you have no witnesses and it was more than likely having watched you pawing him earlier in the evening that he pushed you away in disgust, and was trying to escape. Lets face it love, you aint no oil painting and look at least 10 years older than your 51 years. (Meow)

I have decided that she is not right in the head, mind you nor is he, and really they deserve each other! But unfortunately he always chooses to come home to me, arent I the lucky girl?

As for having an affair? well lets just say I really dont need more stress and coplications in my life!

Friday, 21 November 2008

Keep taking the pills!

Things are on the up!

M & S had 20% off everything on Thursday, Yippee, I took mad Aunt out shopping and she bought me a lush dressing gown and pink furry slipper boots. I am so excited!

Passed Occupational Health interview with flying colours, so I can officially be employed by the NHS????

I played poker with Grandad on Thursday afternoon and took home £17 and a litre bottle of Baileys!

Him indoors is being really nice (scary).

I have almost finished my christmas present shopping, yay! (you are only jealous).

I bought my little dog a new coat which has SECURITY printed on the back! how cool!

We have had the central heating renewed and the tumble dryer fixed, yippee!

So all in all not too much to moan about, but I am sure that is all subject to change as we have Bob's funeral on Monday which will be very sad, but I am trying not to dwell on that too much.

Have a good weekend xxx

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Black November

I am disliking November more and more as we go through it!

The weather - it's been absolutely atrocious!
Finances - chronically dire! I have never been this skint!
Nan - it would have been her birthday on the 18th had she lived this long, and I still miss her!
Bob - our good friend died yesterday of cancer he was only 48! Totally gutted.
Work - I have to see occy health before they let me start new job due to my depression. Fuck.
Best Friend - suffering because her ex husband has been physically cruel to their kids. Bastard.
Home - central heating paked up, tumble dryer not working, The whole house a mess! Bollocks.
Payday - still got 13 days before it arrives! Double Bollocks!

But the good news is I am not going to let any of it drag me to nasty depths, I am going to keep reminding myself of all the good things in my life and grow on that!

How is your November?

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Quality Counts!

I went into the hospital to do my shift the other day and in the main entrance hall some charity had set up a raffle prize stall, selling ticket for a christmas draw, When I saw the main prize was not any old food hamper but a M & S food hamper, I could not help smiling as I remembered an encounter I had with a little bit on the side some time ago!

Basically he worked for Marks & Spencer and I had been round to see him for afternoon tea and crumpet. Afterwards he apologised for showering straight after but he had to go to work, he pulled on his M & S logo polo shirt, and I coolly said to him from his still warm bed, 'That wasn't any shag, that was an M & S shag'!

Well I thought it was funny!

Mind you, he didn't call again??

Thursday, 6 November 2008




No, really I did!

I went for the interview and did very well, although I forgot to take in my documentation, eg passport, utility bill etc, so I rushed home after the interview to collect them and was called back in to hand them over. I was running on to the interviewing Sister about my documents and she just said 'Julie, you are waffling now!'

I said I realised that so I will shut up now, to which she replied well thats good so I can offer you the job!

I am still on cloud 9, 10 & 11!


I belong somewhere again, and I am so pleased.

I had a bottle of chardonnay in the fridge to celebrate or commiserate, and now it is going down the hatch nicely!

24 hours a week over 3 days how great is that?

Monday, 3 November 2008

Well I got home from work to find that both sons had also tried to un-wedge the bed that was stuck on the stairs, then him indoors came home from work and decided it definately would not go through the doorway as he had made the frame smaller since the bed went upstairs in the first place! OFFS!!!

Today my arms ache like hell having pulled countless muscles trying to manouvre that damn bed yesterday! Nevermind, youngest son decided rather than drag the matress back upstairs he would sleep on it downstairs. I think he thought it was an adventure!

Him indoors was very cranky last night. Was the moon on the wane??

Out of the blue he tells me he only has another 50 bags of soil to dig up from round the back garden, I looked pleased for him and said well done! Only to realise he was being sarcastic because he was apparently a one man band, and the boys should offer to help him! Ok he would have a point if 1, they hadnt already asked him countless times only to be told no that he would rather do it himself! and 2, they wanted a storage area to keep a wheel barrow, a cement mixer, some scaffolding etc, etc. You get my drift?

I told him simply that I didn't want an argument as I was trying to juggle making a roast dinner and making packed lunches, unloading the dish washer blah blah blah!
He told me he was ready for me if I did want a row? WTF!!!

He then went up for his bath, he came down I gave him a fabulous roast chicken dinner, with home made yorkshires, stuffing, fresh cabbage, honey roast carrots, and roast potaoes. All this after getting in from work at 20 to 6 too!
He took his plate through to the lounge, and then sat and watch the sky TV guide for about 10 minutes??? Then because he never got a reaction from me for that, he brings back through his dinner, hardly touched and said he would have it later as he was not in the mood, could'nt I tell?

What a total Fuckwit!
I am almost embarrassed to write this down but I need to keep reminding myself about what a twat he is in the hope I will do something about it!

Happy Days!


What a crazy nutty mare I am!

Today's events prove it!

Firstly I decided to bring my son's single bed downstairs as I need to clear out his bedroom in readiness for the new central heating being installed this weekend. Only problem is I got the fucking thing wedged halfway down, and it's still there! I have pulled all sorts of muscles in my arms trying to get it free, but to no avail!

I then decided to try and ring an old flame who was in the removal business to ask his advice, only to find he had changed his number, by this time I was in the supermarket, and feeling a bit unloved, even though I dumped him, I began to cry!

I just felt really sad and lonely, what a daft tart!

I was then chatted up at the checkout, by some loser, who decided to comment on most of the items in my trolley, only for me to realise he was completely off his!

I then got a text from a friend asking to meet for coffee, and although I am busy til next week, it cheered me up no end!

On a more cheerful note, I have got an interview on Thursday! I am so excited. I applied for the job on the fracture clinic and after 22 applications they closed the post and short listed it to just 4 people, and yippee I am one of them!

So fingers crossed, and eyes and arms and whatever else takes your fancy!

I will keep you posted!