Wednesday, 28 January 2009

I Survived!

Hey I actually LIKE being 40!
I still feel like 16 years old and act like a 10 year old, so all is cool!

My birthday was perfect, great sex, good food, great friends, emotion, drama, tantrums, pressies, lots of money and several arguments!

So all in all a good result!

It certainly was a birthday to remember! My 86 year old grandad upset me and made me cry so that turned into a big row, involving mad aunt.

Then him indoors decided that as it was my birthday he would start smoking again after 3 month! He knows I hate it but it was almost like he was resentful that I was centre of attention, but I may be wrong!

We went for a meal with good friends and the meal was super. He then decides to puff his way to the pub and I felt the anger rising, ok , I know I was wrong but I was so gutted that he had chosen my special day to start smoking again, that I had an argument in the pub with him and he stormed off. He didnt return home til 2.35am. Just like the good old days!

We was friends again on the Saturday, and Sunday, we even went out for lunch on Sunday. Monday night he was a bit moody, then last n ight it all kicked off again! I am not sure why, but he seems to have a bee in his bonnett about money, even though he is loaded!

I cant worry about it all as he made me ill last time with his bull-shit and I am still on strong medication, so I intend to rise above it and let him keep his nastiness to himself.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Naughty forty??

Oh bugger, I only have 2 whole days left of being in my '30's'

Does it hurt as much as I am dreading, or do only old people think I am crazy?

I haven't got a clue how to spend my birthday celebrations, it is a case of not wanting to be disappointed so I have not organised anything!

Any last minute ideas???

Sunday, 11 January 2009


I am sooo ill!
I have had a mega hangover for 2 days now!, Is that possible?
I am usually better by tea time but this time it is still going on, the banging headache and the nausea.
I only had 2 bottles of chardonnay, a small port and 1 vodka with diet coke!
I knew I shouldn't have had the diet coke in my voddie!

I have just slept and threw up and watched tv in bed, now I am fed up!

Any good hang-over cures?

Saturday, 10 January 2009


Well it would be if him indoors disappeared into thin air!
But oh no, he has to stay put and make my life a total misery!
He has had a face on all week and when I got home from work last night and he was home alone, (no kids to piss him off) and he still had a face on, then enough was enough!
I asked him why he was so moody, and he bit my head off! It didn't get any better from there.
He started huffing as the eldest boy had left 3 dvd's in the lounge and I just told him it wasn't the crime of the century, and to stop moaning about everything cos he was wearing me out!
It turned nasty, he yelled at me telling me what a crap mother I am, and I yelled back telling him what a miserable tosser he was!
Enough is enough! He said he would move out and I said GOOD!
I went and stayed at my friends for the night and he stayed home and sulked.
When I got back this morning, he was still here, and has now been monging infront of the 42 inch screen for the last 5 hours. I thought he was going flat hunting!