Wednesday, 28 January 2009

I Survived!

Hey I actually LIKE being 40!
I still feel like 16 years old and act like a 10 year old, so all is cool!

My birthday was perfect, great sex, good food, great friends, emotion, drama, tantrums, pressies, lots of money and several arguments!

So all in all a good result!

It certainly was a birthday to remember! My 86 year old grandad upset me and made me cry so that turned into a big row, involving mad aunt.

Then him indoors decided that as it was my birthday he would start smoking again after 3 month! He knows I hate it but it was almost like he was resentful that I was centre of attention, but I may be wrong!

We went for a meal with good friends and the meal was super. He then decides to puff his way to the pub and I felt the anger rising, ok , I know I was wrong but I was so gutted that he had chosen my special day to start smoking again, that I had an argument in the pub with him and he stormed off. He didnt return home til 2.35am. Just like the good old days!

We was friends again on the Saturday, and Sunday, we even went out for lunch on Sunday. Monday night he was a bit moody, then last n ight it all kicked off again! I am not sure why, but he seems to have a bee in his bonnett about money, even though he is loaded!

I cant worry about it all as he made me ill last time with his bull-shit and I am still on strong medication, so I intend to rise above it and let him keep his nastiness to himself.


auntiegwen said...

hey you welcome to your fab forties, I hope it's a good decade for you.

FOXY1969 said...

Thanks auntie, it didn't hurt one little bit! x

Eddie 2-Sox said...

You're confusing "occasional sex" with "great sex"!

But bless you for breaking your 2009 duck ;o)