Thursday, 31 July 2008

Name Calling!

I have been thinking about changing my surname for a while now.
When I got divorced nearly 5 years ago, I decided for the sake of my 2 sons I would keep my married name which is their surname too. I still felt like a Wylie inside too. It was who I had been for some number of years, and I didn't hate the boys Dad, I just could no longer live with him and his possesive ways.

My partner who I have been with for 4 years, has always been a bit pissed off because I kept my ex's surname, especially as when him and his last wife divorced she went back to her previous husbands name!

I don't really want to get married, but I was wondering whether to take my partners surname Brett, by deed poll, apparently you can change your name every week if you like and can be Lady something!
Or if I should just revert back to my maiden name, Norman?

I was thinking if I changed it to Brett then at least I wouldn't have to change it again when/if we get married.

I am really unsure about things and wonder if I should just change it to Minnie Mouse!

Monday, 28 July 2008

Keep taking the tablets!

What a nice weekend and what lovely weather!

Marcus has been laying paving slabs in the back garden, much to the annoyance of jealous neighbour next door who insisted through the hedge that we had ruined their lives since we moved in and Marcus was a dickhead! oh my word, such language from someone I thought to be slightly better than the usual rabble we get living on this estate, obviously not!

Saturday we had decided to have a Bbq, now I like to go to one's organised by someone else, but what hard bloody work they are when you are the one putting on the show!

It cost just over £100 and the mess the next day was unsettling!

Mind you the neighbours never complained as they were louder than us to begin with but once my family arrived it was like neighbours? we have neighbours?

Someone got the karaoke machine out and my sister hogged it for the duration of the evening well at least while she was singing she wasn't eating! my God can that girl put it away!

Everyone seemed to have a good time and most left just before midnight very drunk and singing joyfully!

I really had a good time, I was quite merry and my brother had me in stitches, Sis was on the karaoke and one of Jamie's friends was sitting on the window sill inside Jamie's bedroom, he had no shirt on and was a bit geeky looking, my brother says to watch this lad while my sister sang (?) and it looked like he was the one warbling this god awful tune, it was just so funny and he was totally oblivious to what was going on and so was my singing (?) sister!, who incidently got yelled at each time she stopped singing as we were finding the whole thing hilarious, that we got quite pissed off each time she stopped. Now I dont know whether this was genuinely funny or because we were all pissed but hey it worked for us!

Him indoors left me a note this morning saying thanks for a nice weekend, so I felt quite loved up towards him, well he has been good lately and that is probably helping the way I feel.

And if I do get a bit cranky instead of having a full blown row, he just asks if I have taken my tablet yet today, so I calm down and behave. It's all working out just great!

I must go put in my repeat prescription!

Thursday, 24 July 2008

The Winner Takes It All

Well, well, well, I finally managed the Mama Mia film and I must say I was tapping my foot in the aisles with the best of em! It was brilliant.

I took my Mad Auntie and my 12 year old son and they were equally enthralled!

Then afterwards we went to eat all you can chinese buffet and that was great too, but that was the end of my day the first half wasn't so bad either! (mostly).

The washing machine repair guy was due and Liam and I was due at Grandad's for cards at 1pm, WMRG turns up at 12.40 just as I was mashing potatoes for a cheese and potato pie!

He fixes machine and I put pie in oven on a high heat as I was leaving the house in less than 10 minutes and was going to turn oven off and leave it in to carry on warming through. Ok, all well so far!

I hurried Liam up to get his shoes on as it was now 12.55 and it is a 7 minute drive to Grandads.

The WMRG gave me a lecture on the misuse of my washing machine and suggested I do a 90' maintenance wash with just bio powder in the drum at least once a month! Yeah, yeah, yeah love whatever you say, I will put it on my list of jobs 'to do', (now where did I put that list?)

As I had said when I got to Grandads a few minutes late, I stated that I had no money and wanted to play for fun!, and it was just nice to keep him company.

Well, he wasn't having any of that! He said he would not get any enjoyment from playing like that and insisted putting in £5 for the winner, £3 for 2nd, and £2 runner up. OH go on then if it makes you happy!

We had 2 games and I won £3 and then £2, well I am not very good! We left Grandads at 3.40pm and called into Tesco for 4 items, and we had Mad Auntie with us and as it was really really hot she was smelling, well shall we say not too sweet!, But at least she didn't shit on my car seat this time! (that's another story!)

We arrived back at my house at 4pm to let the dogs out, and So I could get changed and dish Marcus's dinner up as we would be at the cinema when he got home from work.

I opened the kitchen door and this wall of heat hit us like a tsunami! oh fuck! I had left the oven on high heat since 12.45. OH MY GOD!!

The 3 westies were all laying spent on the floor panting like bugger and I just screamed.

Now what was I going to give the tosser for his dinner?? Fuck, fuck, fuck!

I scribbled him a note next to the incinerated remains saying sorry but I would make him something when I got home!

We left to go to the cinema and picked up our pre booked tickets and found the place half empty, or half full depending how you look at things!

I remembered why I hate the cinema after noisy kids pissed me off and my arse was as numb as a numb thing when the film finished. but the popcorn laced with a fuck-off bag of malteasers helped sweeten my mood.

The chinese was a good place to add him indoors' dinner onto the bill that Mad Auntie was paying for so it was win all round!

When I got home him indoors was in a good mood sitting in the garden having laid several paving slabs and looking pleased with himself.

So all in all not a bad day!

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Mama Mia Take 2!

So tonight I am off to the cinema to see Mama Mia with my mad aunty, this time should be successful as I have booked my tickets online! (thanks to Norfolk Single Dad).

It cost an extra 40p each booking fee but who cares!

I am off to play cards with Grandad this afternoon and I am not taking my purse, I am going to tell him we will play for fun, it's just nice to spend time with him! That will confuse him!!

I put on some false toe nails this morning and I am well pleased with them. It was a set of matching finger and toenails for £1.99 what a bargain as my last pedicure cost me £40! and they look almost as good. So, chuffed!

I had Liam taking off my old nail polish on my toes and filing down the rough edges, he was in his element until his little friend turned up and he nearly got caught! Bless him!

Well I am off to find a pair of open toed shoes to show off my handiwork!

Friday, 18 July 2008

Mama Mia!!!

I am really pissed off today!

I queued for ages at the crappy local cinema, only to be told that it was full and they would not be letting anyone else in!

What on earth is going on?

Has the world gone mad?

Now I have to give up another evening next week to take the mad auntie to the cinema. Well at least she bought me dinner! Not all bad then!

Thursday, 17 July 2008


I know this is gonna sound nasty, or selfish but when I started this blog it was just for me to dump into (not literally)!

Grandad came round for a game of poker last night, it was the first time for ages as my sister has kindly stepped in and started going round there most evenings with her kids and at first I was pleased that Grandad had company each night and the burden had been taken off me.

The only trouble is she is reaping all the benefits and I feel a bit left out. All he went on about was your sister this, your sister that, she has even started cooking for him now too!

Now like I said this is going to sound nasty but I have to get it off my chest! Her kids need a lot of money for a school trip abroad, and I feel she has an ulterior motive!

Grandad has been providing all the prize money each night and they have been leaving with handfuls of cash each night. Now the main reason I am pissed off is I really dont like playing poker but do so to keep him happy, he pushed me into a poker night, and instead of us all putting in £2 stake money with him adding a tenner on top for the winner, we all put in our £2 and he never added anything to it! I tried to gently remind him of the normal prize money and got yelled at for changing the rules! So I gently fumed, not really because of the money more the principal. I then asked him if my sister and her kids put in the £2 stake money each, to be told, 'oh no, I dont take anything off them as I want to encourage them to keep coming round!

Well I am not sure what to make of that, I have always been the favorite and feel like I have had my nose put out of joint! To make matters worse I came 4th out of 5 players last night! It was £5 for the winner £3 for 2nd place and £2 for runner up, and Grandad got £2 for runner up so the night cost him nothing! God this sounds so petty!

I really need a slap!

I know I am wrong to feel like this, but I cant help it. This horrible feeling wont go away.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

So now say thankyou for no music!

OK, ok the music has gone, I suppose it was a bit crap but there wasn't much to choose from and I am not all technical like you lot!

Anyway back to more important things, like life!

Last week I proved I wasn't an alcoholic, I had 4 , yes I said 4! whole days off! Not even the sniff of a cork came my way! and guess what? I was absolutely bloody fine, no shakes or cravings, so it is official that here in blog land I declare myself as normal! ahem, well nearly!

I am going to take my eccentric maiden aunt to see mama mia this week, so I hope it lives up to expectations!

Grandad (85) is coming round Wednesday to play poker, god love him, so cinema Thursday with mad auntie sounds good.

I only managed Sunday off the booze this week as last night I was bored, I still haven't found a hobby!

I have been looking to book a holiday for October but might just wait for a late deal as nothing is exciting me much at the moment.

Today I am off to pick mummy bear up and we will meet my sis and my baby niece for lunch, so that should be nice.

Yesterday I had my waxing done and I painted my own toenails. Finished reading Patricia cornwell book and started reading the next one.

So that is me up to date with my life, and I am feeling loads better!

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

All is Good!

Today I have been to Pizza Hut on a mission, firstly to eat all I can buffet, and secondly to go with my son to hand in an application form for a part-time job.

Both missions were successful and now I feel sick as an over-fed dog, and Jamie has been promised a fair trial for an interview!

So all is good.

I am really beginning to feel more like my old self again, as I love to laugh and make others laugh and that trait is slowly returning.

I phoned the ex-husband earlier, as I found out he went to Pizza Hut without me yesterday with Jamie, and I wasn't invited! Cheek!
If I hadn't of gave birth to him (Jamie),the ex-husband would have been sitting alone!
Selfish Twat!

Well at least I didn't have to be nice to him!

Monday, 7 July 2008

Totally Bored

I must be bored!

I have emptied the ironing basket and offered to take my mother to B & Q for paint some 15 miles away!

Bugger I think I need to go back to work, as much as I hate to admit it!

The doc gave me a sicknote til 10th of August, now that would have been bloody super if the weather was nice, but it is totally crap!

I have never seen as much rain as I have today.

Maybe I need a hobby, him indoors says I need a hobby, I have dabbled in a bit of cross stitch, and I am a dab hand at getting pissed, but what on earth can I do for a hobby?

I have thought of a few things but nothing much to float my boat!

Stamp collecting? boring!

Line dancing? too energetic!

Model railway? too technical!

Skateboarding? I'm too old!

Trainspotting? OMG! I don't have a grey mack!

Well any suggestions would be apprieciated, I do read a lot but that seems lazy, I like bingo but thats gets expensive!

Bloody Hell what does everyone else do for kicks? I am sooo bored!!

Friday, 4 July 2008

I Feel So Old!

I have just took my eldest son to get his lift in a Limo for his prom!

OMG he is only 15, well ok 16 end of next month, but whatever!

I can remember being told I was pregnant with him and I really was in denial, I had the coil fitted and accidentally pulled it out, (don't ask!) next thing I know I am 3 months pregnant and bleeding as if I may loose the baby!

Well as luck would have it I gave birth to a 7 pound something gorgeous bundle of joy!

The next thing I know I am taking him to get a lift in a real live Limo for his prom!

Ok there was lots of stuff in between but I can assure you it has gone so fast!, I feel kinda emotional.

If you have little ones, enjoy every moment, cause you will never have this time over again, ever!

The pic above is of Jamie on his prom night age 15 and his dappy old mum age 39!

Life update - Cheers!

I have been back to the doc's, he seems to think I need another month off work! Well I am totally devastated (not)!

I really dont want to go back at all, but my shoe collection is dwindling.

Well I am due back on the 11th of August, I might be able to muster the energy by then!

This week I have been out to lunch every day, now although this has mostly been enjoyable it is not good for my waist line!

Him indoors is being scarily nice still, maybe we have at last found a good place to be with each other! I hope so because it's all I ever wanted really.

What the Doc says this week is keep taking the pills, have another month off, and dont drink any booze for the next 4 Sundays in a row, if I cant manage that then he will refer me to CADS.

That sounds drastic! Best I comply.

The good news is I managed to go tea-total yesterday! how proud am I?

So my conclusion to my drinking habits are I WANT a drink I dont NEED one! There is a difference!

I have been reading lots of patricia cornwell books which I am really enjoying, and listening to my dogs constantly barking! Which I am not enjoying!