Monday, 2 February 2009

Grown up?

And so life goes on, and things do not change much, except, I feel calmer.
I sort of feel like I have arrived. I often get restless and feel like I should be doing stuff, but all of a sudden nothing seems to have that urgency.

I don't want to die of boredom but it really feels good, not rushing to get ready to go out and get lashed up on a Saturday. I am quite content with a takeaway and a dvd in bed.
Does this mean I am old? Nah, just content!

Now before you write me off as dull, please be assured this phase cannot last too long, in fact I will give it 2 weeks max!

Work is still really good, and I have been chosen to chaperone the surgeon in his spinal assessment clinics on a wednesday evening, so feel quite pleased as I have to be all responsible and lock up the department at the end!

I still have not lost any weight and so I failed my mission when I promised myself not to be fat at 40!
oh well there is always 50! or 60!

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