Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Neighbours from Hell?

Why do people have to be so petty?

I know we piss our neighbours off as we have had a few DIY projects to do over the last 4 years, and even though we don't start til 9am at the earliest, and we are usually in bed by 9pm every night at the latest, they still constantly compain!

Now to tell you all the ins and outs of our hate/hate relationship would take the best part of a week, so I wont bore you, but where is the logic in parking your car 10 foot away from your own gate, just to try and make it awkward for us to park outside our house!

The tosser even got up early this morning after him indoors went off to work and moved his car up towards our gate and left it there ALL day, I don't let them see I am bothered but him indoors (being a man), is foaming at the mouth. Why can't he see that by reacting to the situation, then the tosser next door is winning.

Well maybe not winning exactly, as him indoors has just found a concrete window sill that needs knocking out tonight. Shame that.

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